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This feature makes it easy to find specific postings based on the characteristics of the lost pet or found stray that was entered on this website. You can find a specific posting by entering the Posting ID #... or you can enter characteristics such as the search type (Lost or Found), the pet type (dog, cat,other) - even the age or size of the pet. This powerful search engine will now make it much easier for anyone to hone in on the pet they are looking for. Of course, the original way to search for pets is also still available.

Kindly consider donating today to help us cover the cost of the automation. Our site is always undergoing revisions to add new features. And please Contact Us with your comments about our site or any problems you may be experiencing.

While we all celebrate our country's history on the 4th please remember that it's not so much a celebration for our furry critters when the fireworks start scaring the dickens out of them. Protect them by keeping them at home or otherwise away from loud noises. Historically, we have entered a ten day period that is probably one of the worst times to be a dog or a cat. Keep them safe and away from the noise so you won't have to use KCPC to bring them back should they bolt.

Welcome to KC Pet-Connect

KC Pet-Connect is a grassroots, non-profit organization that is striving to reunite lost pets with their families in the Greater Kansas City metro area by supplying web-based services to the animal rescue community.

We offer FREE postings of lost or found pets. You can specify information about the pet and even upload a photo. We will post the information for free, while protecting your private information by providing you with email responses from your posting. Your contact email address is not shown in your posting.

We also offer Lassie Alerts to help spread the word. For a modest fee, we will forward the information and photo of your pet to our network of area vet offices, groomers, shelters, and volunteers.

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